does the solar panel produce in reverse


We have heard more about different cell technologies in solar panel technology. In the past, it was also easy to explain that there was a poly and a mono. At the point we have reached today, we are talking about TOPCon and HJT cell technologies. The main reason for the change is “efficiency”, continuous studies are being carried out to produce the maximum power that can be produced in a unit area. In fact, in this video, I would like to talk about a point that is overlooked or not very much voiced. The half cut mono perc panels that we are actively using now can actually make serious contributions to electricity generation from the back side. 3-5 years ago, we used to see that the back surfaces of the panels produced were completely covered with a white material. Now the back surface is quite similar to the front surface. So in this case, does the solar panel produce in reverse? In this video, using a micro inverter, we looked at how much electricity it produces from the front surface under the same conditions, and we turned the back surface and presented it to you in a simple way whether there is really a considerable production. The solar panel produces in reverse and the results will surprise you.

how much energy can a solar panel generate from its back surface

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