Solar Sector 1500V DC Products are Rising


Nowadays (same as before) energy requirement increase and renewable energy sources take more share at total energy production. Solar Energy goes to level 5GW in Turkey and still continue to grow up with new 1GW YEKA (renewable energy source areas) tender and possible to take more share from total energy production. On the other hand residential solar market still pending for big attack as well. Expectations are regulations about documentation become less, investment costs decrease, incentives about residential installations should create a big market for small investors, for sure other topics effect for investment such as electric and gas bills rise. A totally different perspective that every house produce their own electricity and contribute energy requirements of the country, give happiness and pleasure to homeowners.

Solar sector focused topic have changed by term.At the beginning space Technologies and durability was the main focused causes so P type solar cells became a standard.At the same way initial system voltage was 600V DC afterward 1000V DC. For sure system design voltage shoul act together solar panel and inverter producers.

cost comparison 1000V vs. 1500V systems
Nowadays the focused topic is “efficiency”.

Energy efficiency is one of the most important topics that who has limited energy sources and need a lot of energy. N-type solar cells become more popular because of the efficiency subject. Production more energy in a small area important topic of R&D. The idea is the 1500V DC standard based on efficiency. This up limit becomes a new industry standard and provides more efficient and profitable. It is possible to make long strings and less cabling, junction boxes and less inverter necessary for commissioning. For sure not design 1500V systems with solar panels which write 1000V DC on their labels. Same rule for inverter side, be aware to design 1500V DC systems with compatible inverters only. It is not so difficult to find 1500V DC products on the market. In the past 1500V systems known as more efficient than 600V but every term has own Dynamics so high voltage take over the standard at the moment. During the purchase 1500 V DC compatibility will become required criteria.

As a result,

observation before the investment being aware of new future industrial standard. For sure 1000 V DC system will not be discontinued suddenly. It will also be an alternative to design a system.

Efficiency of the fotovoltaic cells (N type cells become popular)

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