Efficiency of the fotovoltaic cells (N type cells become popular)


Solar panels that we used almost whole in recent past designed with P type (poly) cells. İt’s easy to understand Google search , why we used  P type ? the Summary is ; easy production and especially space application needed P type cells benefits and stability for sure industry proceed the same way. Developing technology supply with new requirements of P type cells. Efficiency topic is popular nowadays, that means priorities have changed and P type, N type mono cells market shares keep rising. this article explain that Efficiency of the fotovoltaic cells (N type cells become popular)

Graph below shows that forecast which is explained above for fotovoltaic cell wafers , for more details observe ITRPV (International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic) report.


Energy efficiency more important when you have limited energy sources. In the beginning, new generation solar energy systems especially residential and industrial roofs investment cost little bit much more but these systems should be more efficient in total lifelong. For sure new Technologies are expensive but waiting for cheaper prices should be handicap

Why Pick N type cell ?

It guarantee more performance ; high efficiency cell. Temperature coefficient value is low thus produce much more energy during high ambient temperature  conditions. Less area need (comparison conventional solar panels). Bifacial N type has better performance as well. PID effect is not a problem for N type cells. Conventional panels have production losses around %0.7-0.8 annual but N type is around %0.2-0.3 annual that means after many years still produce more output power.

On the other hand high investment cost of panels ,modified regulations that steer self consumption , take long time paper works effect on your choice.

Deciding investment price/performance ratio is the most important topic . Lots of EPC companies can easily create forecasts for production comparison between N type and P type solar panels.

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