Risks for residential solar systems for Turkey


Solar Energy systems began with big scale solar power plants in Turkey, nowadays times to industrial solar system and after that residential solar system will be more popular.Especially in 2019 method of calculation  energy probably changes  that gives more advantage for industrial self consumption power plants. That also effect on residential solar plants.(up to 10 kw self consumption and sell possible surplus energy) on the other hand there are off-grid solar systems with battery units ,small pv panels ,inverters also mountaineer using for emergency energy devices with solar.This market already started and potantial sells are very much. First time customers who met with solar devices , b grade c grade panels or less quality inverters make customers not satisfied about the topic. This is the starting point of risks for residential solar systems for Turkey.

cheap equipments future perception should be like that above
Main problem

Technicall call center nowadays has many phone calls from complainant customers . most of the sentences such as “ I can not reach after sales support” , “ solar batteries performance are too low” , “ can you come and fix our problems” etc. There are many unfair companies they only focused only sell solar panels or inverters. After sales topics always important but not valuable by unfair sellers.

Guarantee topic totally different article topic

There are many photovoltaic panel producers that make their job with more passion more reliable but some of them not good. Photovoltaic systems with noname brands and cheap equipments always problem occur possible. Customers also do not know their rights about electronic devices. Technicall always try to explain importance of aftersales services for the customer satisfactory.

As a result

Residential solar power plants not started yet (up to 10 kw ) but small solar energy already started. Sellers should be more care about costumer satisfactory. After sales service is the important thing. Sell and service are a team (defence and striker)  they should be in a balance. Only sell oriented companies should damage customer perception for future investment.

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