Euro / Dollar vs Kwh

Modern city buildings and connection grid. 3d rendering

Nowadays Digitalization of Energy is one of the most popular topic ,energy efficiency as well. Technological developments should be implement to electricity distribution line as fast as possible. That will prepare a part of new genaration energy management substructure. After that revolution may be we use kwh (electricity) instead of Euro / Dollar. Please read article and comment Euro / Dollar vs Kwh ? what do you thing ?

Technology development is very fast , please compare  mobile phones , laptops , televisions or etc developments 10 years before and now .All of these are become more fast , more compact , more energetic, but our electricity ,distribution lines still same . if any problem occur , electricity shut down in wide scope .The situation was the same 10 -20 years ago and nowadays ! These days digitalization (next generation smart grids) should take over the system from the old fasion grids.I guess your heard the digital currency bitcoin and the others . They become most popular in a short period because of the decentralize management of the currency, digital (next generation) and producible as well. But digital currency spends vast amount of energy during the production! Energy production is one of the important topic for the World.

Modern city buildings and connection grid

Recognition is the key point

As you know international reserve currency US Dollar and Euro (€) powerful as well. Most of the people around the World know this currency , and most of them trust Euro and dollar currency. Recognition is the key point , such as you trip abroad ; when you be hungry and you see same brand restaurant seems like in your country, subconsciously you want to walk into that restaurant right ?( at least for the first time 🙂

that article help to choose which one is the best for you

On the other hand please compare Euro/dolar vs Electricity( kwh) recognition way. One of the most known thing around the World and Electricity distrubition lines , control centers all of them are modernise within digital revolution, power lines will be two ways systems. You will not be only consumer(one way scenario). Your role will change to “prosumer” (two ways scenario, you become consumer and producer for electricity) Electricity production will be change from centralized to decentralized as well . That means small power plants in everywhere ( your home roof , your school roof, your restaurant, car park etc.) reinforced energy production with storage systems at homes(residential) and industrial scale that make our grid more efficient ,stabile, and reliable, less grid shut down cases as well.


Your role will be “prosumer” and your neighbours are prosumer your town and city and country.that makes everybody possible get electricity from grid also feed into the grid. In this scenario why not paying with “kwh” !  bread 4kwh , tomato 3 kwh , laptop 4000 kwh  and so on …  

More efficiency with N-type solar cells

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