How effects cleaning on solar panels


In this article and youtube video content show you , how effects cleaning on solar panels.. This is a real example done in İstanbul / Turkey and we have two different solar panel types. One type is LG Brand LG330N1C-A5 model 330 Wp 2 pcs solar panels. And the other type is Panasonic HIT VBHN325SJ47 model 325 Wp 2 pcs solar panels. I took all the values from the server of my solar inverter and arrange them into excel ( you will also see this values) and see how effects dusts on solar panel negative way.

what is the difference between dusty and clean solar panel

What we did ?

We observed the values  for four days ( all dusty) and the end of week we start cleaning ( only 2 ) . The last day we clean all the solar panels on the roof .

Realise this test at the end of august 2019 and  we cleaned up 2 solar panels ( one LG one Panasonic) the other 2 remaining  in dust

two panels will cleaned (1 LG 1 Panasonic)

What Values say about cleaining solar panels

First period 25-28 August ( 4 days) solar panel was in standart conditions no cleaned. Power production shown below 2 LG panel and what they produced one by one..

For example left corner located LG 330 Wp produced 1,79 kWh energy at 25.08.2019
same day next to other LG in the corner produced 1,76 kWh  energy

Weather was not always same during this test.. of August I cleaned one LG and one Panasonic. The number changed ( you can see 5. Row at the table )  Negative numbers goes to positive this day.

The last day I cleaned all the solar panel…

more technical detail shown in youtube video at the end

Date                      LG 330Wp (Wh)               LG 330Wp  (Wh)              % change

25.08.2019          1798                                      1768,5                                  -1,64%

26.08.2019          1955                                      1936,25                                -0,96%

27.08.2019          1818,75                                1793                                      -1,42%

28.08.2019          1914,25                                1888,25                                -1,36%

29.08.2019          1268,25                                1292,75                                1,93%

30.08.2019          1611,75                                1606,25                                -0,34%

How effects cleaning on solar panels

For sure that effect positively but the differences not so big values , if possible cleaning increase your production but not clean every day 😊

how cleaning effect on solar panels

find out what we are doing in youtube channel “technicall_tr” you can see english subtitled videos link here

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