3 KW inverter how much energy produce ?


Greeting from İstanbul. After a long period of paper work for approval process of my residential solar system( it’s little bit difficult to get approval from utility for residential solar system in Turkey) finally we done and now produce energy from sunshine and sell surplus energy to utility. in our 3 kW inverter system we have 2 pcs inverters , one of them is string inverter (3kw ac,rated ) and second inverter is designed with optimizers. İn total we have 6 kw Ac,rated capacity with 22 pcs solar panels. More information will be here later

3 kw inverter energy production comparison cloudy day vs sunny day

3 Kw inverter

Solar system is very new so I  share a pick production value recorded in last week. 13 August 2019 sunny day in İstanbul 3 kw inverter produces 21,03 kWp energy. In general we can consider a standart house consumption around 6-8 kWp and 21,03 is a good value. This value is a pick value of our system within 10 days. For sure production will change , it depends conditions of weather , component efficiency , monthly changes etc..

3 kW inverter sunny day production value

What about production in cloudy day ?

Cloudy day prevent to make a production record but solar system is still producing energy. Not become zero.  15 August 2019 production value establishes what I wrote. Two days before there was a record 21,03 but today we only produced 8,03kWp. This is a normal situation if conditions change production can be decrease.

3 kw inverter cloudy day production

Make a prediction  possible about production ?

Yes it’s easy to predict weekly ,montly or yearly kWh of solar energy. So it’s not unknown value , there are solar softwares on internet ( most of them work online -no need to download) they say the prediction of your solar energy system


Building up a Clean energy source at roof and monitoring it , selling surplus energy to utility and help your country electricity production as a producer is a pleasure ! I wish everybody meet at least small solar system as soon as possible at their residential homes.

energy will change the world to better way

you can visit our Youtube Channel some videos english subtitled https://www.youtube.com/c/technicall_tr

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