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4bb mono vs 5bb poly solar panel comparison

In this article you will see the real values of a residential rooftop solar sistem with different technologies solar panel comparison. Which is better 4 busbar monocrystalline  or 5 busbar polycrystalline ? Our solar test system ( it is also real system that sell electricity ) is 6 kW rated power 3 kw of it is string inverter and the other part is solaredge optimizer installed. We have different kind of solar panels such as 4 busbar monocrystalline solar panels , 5 busbar polycrystalline solar panels , Panasonic brand HIT panels , LG brand N-type mono crystalline solar panels in a row, solar system located  in İstanbul / Turkei. Real performance values show us same brand mono and poly panels how react at same rooftop conditions.

Different solar panels in same string possible ?

With solaredge optimiser solution make it real and you can add different panel Technologies and different watts solar panels in the same string . Every optimiser try to find maksimum power of the solar panel and distribute power to the inverter. In our system (3 kw solaredge ) we have 11 solar panels 4 of them 5BB ( busbar ) 275 Wp polycrystalline and 2 of them 4BB ( Busbar) 275 Wp monocrystalline solar panels.

Performance solar panel comparison

System located in İstanbul and starts to producing enery at 10 August 2019 . I will show you today’s comparison and 15 days total comparison values of pv panels.

You can see below half day production value and each solar panel energy productions.

this image show 4 bb monocrystalline solar panel and 5bb polycrystalline solar panel production performance comparison

You can see 15 days total production values of each solar panel energy productions


15 day total energy production comparison 4BB mono vs 5 BB poly solar panels

Energy production values can be change , all pv panels not producing exactly the same values . even same technology solar panels with same label on them , can be able to  produce differently. That makes a disadvantage for string inverter we call it (mismatch losses ) . There is no bad product among the solar products . Every single product have pros and cons . Which one fit for your Project . it is the best for you

solar inverter energy production comparison cloudy day vs sunny day


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